Our sofa designs combine style and livability.

With one look through our wide selection, you can see we don’t limit ourselves to any particular design aesthetic. Our inspiration comes from all over the globe, all decades, and all styles. Yet each piece is designed for real people with real lives in real homes. In other words, with comfort and longevity in mind.


We also have a research and development department, which seeks out new design trends. In R&D there’s a researcher who’s been with the company for more than 25 years. We call him “Picasso” thanks to his keen eye for artistic furniture design. It’s people like Picasso who give Elite Leather Company our reputation for leading-edge style and quality.






Built with integrity to last... and look good doing it.

Even though you can’t see it, we put just as much care into the interior of our furniture as we do the outside.

Depending on the design of an individual style, our frames are made of responsibly forested Pacific Northwest alder hardwood or of Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) certified hardwood plywood. The hardwood plywood frames we produce also meet the strict standards of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). We create the frames in our own mill and reinforce our fames to ensure proper tailoring of the selected covering. And, while others may not use corner blocks at all, we use many in each sofa to enhance its strength. We use tempered steel sinuous springs for both the back and seating suspension to properly support the back and seat cushions, to distribute seating support evenly and to provide excellent comfort. Sinuous spring suspension is superior to webbing suspension, as the springs have tremendous longevity and webbing can stretch and lose resiliency. Our upholstery padding and cushions are made of the best materials, providing both comfort and resiliency. The cushions are sewn with bonded nylon threads that are strong and flexible, and held neatly in place on the decking with velcro lining material. And our outside panels are padded to add softness, and to prevent the leather or Ultrasuede® from sagging.





Our quality features.

“BENCH-MADE” is a term that signifies products that are handcrafted, not mass produced. Although the term may be out of style, it perfectly describes our approach to building furniture.

The details may seem trivial, but they’re important to us. For example, we put in the extra effort to glue, staple and use corner blocks in the frame to strengthen the joints. Even though you can’t see it, we put just as much care into the inside of our furniture as we do the outside.