Bolts of Ultrasuede® the Original Microfiber

The original Ultrasuede®, alluring elegance, amazing performance.

Fine European automobiles like Mercedes Benz and Volvo have long used Ultrasuede® fabric, the world’s first ultra-microfiber. And with good reason. Ultrasuede feels soft, plush and sensuous to the touch. Yet it’s unbelievably resistant to stains and wear — the threads can’t pull, because it isn’t woven like other fabrics. It also maintains its color for years, and looks new longer than other fabrics. Because it delivers the same long-wearing luxury as leather, Elite offers Ultrasuede® upholstery to provide a wider range of choices to our customers. While other companies may sell one of the imitation “microfiber” upholsteries that have flooded the market, Elite Leather has chosen to use the original Ultrasuede®. No other upholstery fabric wears as well and maintains its elegant look and feel as long. In fact, Ultrasuede® is the only microfiber fabric covered by a limited 10-year-warranty.

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