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Great leather comes from nurturing mother nature.

Elite’s leather is the ideal combination of “nature” and “nurture.” It starts with the world’s finest cowhides — only 3 out of every 100 hides are suitable to become Elite Leather’s full aniline upholstery. Then the hides are treated with old-world tanning techniques to turn them into supple, richly colored upholstery leather.

Although it’s become commonplace to use inferior parts of the hide, like bycast and splits, Elite Leather uses only the upper portion, which is called the top grain. After tanning, the hides are dyed with aniline dye. The translucent color brings out the natural markings and grain pattern on each hide, much as stain enhances the grain on wood.

Our craftspeople carefully review the dyed hides, looking for character and quality. Our goal is to showcase the beauty of each, creating a unique and lasting work of art in leather.