More colors than anyone in the industry.

If you know the difference between celadon and celery, you’re the perfect Elite customer. We offer the most extensive and unique selection of colors of leather and Ultrasuede® in the industry. And we’re always updating our palette to reflect today’s color trends. Whatever particular shade you have in mind, you’re sure to find it in Elite Leather.

See the swatches below — or visit your Elite Leather dealer to see them in living color.

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Leather Colors


Encore Taupe
Encore Fortune Cookie
Equestrian Macchiato
Imperial Dove
Imperial Sisal
Tribe Desert
Encore Khaki
Aspire Pebble
Aspire Wheat
Maxima Sage
Maxima Taupe
Aspire Buff
Luxe Greige
Luxe Sand
Showtime Taupe Grey
Texas Mushroom
Armitage Buff


San Remo Parchment
Townsend Cane
San Remo Buckskin
Townsend Brass
Elmotique Champagne
Elmotique Wheat
Encore Toast
Grotto Brittle
Champion Fawn
Da Vinci Oro
Da Vinci Terra
Tribe Amber
Da Vinci Café
Maxima Grain
Maxima Parchment
Luxe Eburnean
Shangri-La Almond
Shangri-La Macchiato
Shangri-La Tan
Showtime Buff
Showtime Chamois
Texas Rattan
Texas Wheat
Armitage Saddle

Medium Browns

Encore Chestnut
Imperial Acorn
San Remo Chestnut
Townsend Walnut
Elmotique Warm Brown
Equestrian French Roast
Imperial Rust
Tribe Chocolate
Aura Saddle
Brighton Bison
Brighton Brownstone
Brighton Cedar
Maxima Light Brown
Castle Acorn
Castle Sedona
Shangri-La Bark
Shangri-La Malt
Writer Latte
Casablanca French Beige

Dark Browns

Champion Brown
Chesterfield Russet
Curator Warm Brown
Curator Stirrup
San Remo Dark Brown
Townsend Chocolate
Elmotique Cocoa
Elmotique Bean
Curator Coffee
Encore Fudge
Grotto Beaver
Da Vinci Negro
Equestrian Espresso
Tribe Earth
Tribe Fudge
Capetown Sumatra
Aspire Tobacco
Maxima Chocolate
Coliseum Colonial
Aria Cafe
Aria Espresso
Aria Terrain
Castle Earth
Coliseum Henna
Coliseum Mist
Coliseum Walnut
Texas Fudge
Writer Carafe
Writer Cognac
Writer Chocolate
Armitage Brandy
Casablanca Copper
Hillside Umber


Imperial Sequoia
San Remo Scarlet
Elmotique Poppy
Encore Brick
Encore Ruby
Champion Fire
Tribe Chianti
Champion Strawberry
Aspire Tomato
Castle Samba
Showtime Lipstick
Texas Scarlet


Elmotique Oxblood
Chesterfield Espresso
San Remo Wine
Equestrian Port
Aria Wine
Castle Brick
Coliseum Ruby


Townsend Tomato
San Remo Brandy
Elmotique Tangerine
San Remo Mandarin
Showtime Rustic
Texas Nectarine


Imperial Sunglow
Elmotique Light Yellow
Champion Sunflower


Imperial Palm
Townsend Bottle
San Remo Emerald
San Remo Jade
Elmotique Avocado
Encore Mint
Encore Jade
Encore Green Tea
Grotto Moss
Grotto Fern
Champion Citrus
Champion Thyme
Equestrian Willow
Imperial Moss
Champion Celadon
Castle Olive
Showtime Seagrass
Showtime Willow
Hillside Grass


Champion Navy
Encore Aquamarine
Elmotique Atlantic
San Remo Riviera
San Remo Cornflower
Grotto Cerulean
Grotto Marine
Champion Teal
Equestrian Cobalt
Aura Denim
Aura Livery
Maxima Azul
Aspire Midnight
Castle Deep Sea
Castle Ink
Showtime Galaxy
Showtime Sky
Texas Quarry
Texas Stoneybrook


Encore Plum
Aura Wine


Champion Charcoal
Champion Gray
Encore Charcoal
Imperial Lake
San Remo Slate
Encore Blizzard
Grotto Wolf
Champion Snow
Tribe Pebble
Tribe Stone
Tribe Wolf
Aspire Slate
Aspire Storm
Aura Quarry
Da Vinci Gris
Maxima Charcoal
Maxima Metal
Maxima Stone
Aria Charcoal
Castle Storm
Luxe Stone
Luxe Steel
Shangri-La Alloy
Shangri-La Gravel
Shangri-La Slate
Texas Paloma
Casablanca Pewter
Casablanca Smoke


Champion Black
Encore Night
Imperial Elk
Chesterfield Midnight
Elmotique Black
San Remo Black
Townsend Black
Equestrian Licorice
Tribe Midnight
Da Vinci Noche
Hillside Thunder
Luxe Ebony
Armitage Charcoal


Champion Curling
Townsend Vellum
Encore Almond
Aspire Crème
Texas Almond


Encore White
Champion White
Aspire White